TV Series Review: Bnei Aruba (Hostages)

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 TV Series Review: Bnei Aruba (Hostages)

Series Synopsis

Bnei Aruba (Hostages) is an Israeli crime drama,

The family of the Doctor about to perform surgery on the Israeli Prime Minister are taken hostage and she is ordered to kill him.

The problem with this type of drama is generally whether it can sustain itself over any length of time without risk of repeating episodes.  When NBC aired its US remake of this drama they inexplicable gave it a summer airing of 15 episodes which didn't work in the slightest.  Viewed from that perspective the 10 episode length of the original seems to have much more of a chance,

That said it possible to see now why they chose to remake it.  The original drama has so far been a fairly taught and dramatic affair despite the situation presented.  It is a time loosing drama in which episodes do fly by relatively quickly.  And it far surpasses the US remake,

It will be interesting to see whether it holds this over time though.


Key Characters

Dr Yael Danon 
Ayelet Zurer 

Adam Rubin 
 Jonah Luton

Eyal Danon 
 Micha Celektar


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